Chicago Rapper FBG Duck Shot To Death In Broad Daylight

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Chicago Rapper FBG Duck Shot To Death In Broad Daylight

Two men reportedly jumped out of a car and opened fire that led to his demise.

Chicago based rapper FBG Duck, real name Carlton Weekly, was shot in broad daylight in what is being described as one of the most brazen acts of gun violence in recent times. As reported by The Daily Wire , he was shot just a block away from Chicago’s Magnificent Mile shopping district. As reported by the Chicago Sun-Times : "The slain 26-year-old rapper, whose name is Carlton Weekly, was on social media antagonizing rival gang members before he was killed Tuesday afternoon, according to an officer safety alert issued late Tuesday."

It is believed that his death could also trigger a gang-war in the city. The police said that in the video he made "derogatory statements toward deceased members of the Black Disciples." The police believe that the video he made may have been the reason behind the shooting.

According to the reports by the Chicago Tribune , "Officers in at least four police districts — Wentworth, Grand Crossing, Gresham and Englewood — have been warned to use ‘extreme caution’ because of the ‘high probability of further violence,’ according to an advisory issued by the Police Department." The report added: "Intelligence suggests that both these gangs are in possession of large caliber and high capacity firearms."

Chicago’s mayor, Lori Lightfoot commented on the situation saying, "Weekly had been live-streaming his travels around the city, and it appears assassins caught up with him while shopping with his entourage."

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