Giants And Dodgers Players Took A Knee During The National Anthem In Solidarity With BLM

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Giants And Dodgers Players Took A Knee During The National Anthem In Solidarity With BLM

Yankees and Nationals have also expressed their solidarity with similar gestures.

A few San Fransisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers players took a knee during the national anthem in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement before the season's opener. They were supported by the staff members of the teams as well who also knelt in support. This was in continuance with the solidarity being expressed by teams across the board as players from the New York Yankees and Washington Nationals took a knee before the anthem at the Nationals Park in Washington, D.C.

As reported by the Huffington Post , players from both the teams knelt holding "a single length of black fabric while a video on racial injustice played." The nationwide movement sparked by the death of George Floyd has united people from all the backgrounds and it has been over two months now that the movement has continued unabated. Colin Kaepernick's gesture has now become a powerful symbol of defiance against racial injustice and has been instrumental in representing a strong sentiment.

According to the Huffington Post report, Yankees manager Aaron Boone gave his pregame conference in a Black Lives Matter shirt. On the West Coast, San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers players and coaches on the field wore Black Lives Matter T-shirts before the game.

The clashes between the authorities and the protestors, however, have been taking an ugly turn in Portland where federal law enforcement agencies have been unleashed on them. In the meantime, influential Black stars including rappers like T.I. and actor Ice Cube has publicly demanded reparation for the injustices done on the Black community. The movement is sustaining itself and is still going strong because of the just cause it represents and there is hope that justice will be served.

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