Jason Derulo Knocks Out Will Smith's Teeth In Viral TikTok Video

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Jason Derulo Knocks Out Will Smith's Teeth In Viral TikTok Video

The two men had good fun trying their hands at virtual golf.

Jason Derulo has been quite busy recently creating hilarious videos online and sharing a good laugh with the fans. He had recently shared a video where he tried eating corn by mounting it on a drill machine and chipping his tooth. It was, of course, a silly prank, and this time Will Smith was the one who lost a few teeth.


In his latest post on TikTok and Instagram, Will Smith and Jason Derulo could be seen trying their hands at virtual golf when Jason's swing hits Will smack in the face. The actor was then seen screaming in pain while holding his face. When he removed his hands, a couple of his front teeth could be seen missing.


Jason could be heard in the video cheekily asking Will to put some ice where he got hurt. Will retaliates, in kind, taking a wild swing at Derulo, saying: "It's my turn. It's my turn. I only need one swing."


It was done in jest, of course, and the fans loved the prank and the effort they put behind it. Kudos!

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