Kanye Teases Fans With 'Donda' Tracklist, Then Cryptically Deletes The Tweet

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Kanye Teases Fans With 'Donda' Tracklist, Then Cryptically Deletes The Tweet

The new album is believed to launch on the coming Friday.

Kanye West, on Saturday, teased his fans big-time with a tracklist of his 10th album 'DONDA', which has been named after his late mother. As reported by Complex , the album is set to release on the coming Friday including tracks like '24,' 'Off the Grid,' 'In God's Country,' 'Hurricane,' and 'New Body.'


But the moment the fans started celebrating, he deleted his tweet without any explanation raising quite a few questions.




Meanwhile, Kanye has urged people of South Carolina to sign a petition to put him on the ballot. He tweeted saying: "If you're a voter in South Carolina, please sign this petition to place me on the ballot Sponsored by Ye 2020"



It seems the rapper would be moving ahead with his desire to run for the presidency with full-charge.

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