Kanye West Is Now Looking To Appear On New Jersey’s Presidential Ballot

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Kanye West Is Now Looking To Appear On New Jersey’s Presidential Ballot

The rapper has not yet given up on his dream of becoming the POTUS

The New Jersey State documents reveal that Kanye West has filed to appear on the state's Presidential Ballot and has been able to garner 1,327 signatures so far. This is more than the number (800) needed for an independent candidate to contest the election. He has already filed in Missouri and would also be filing from the state of New York.


As reported by NY Post, "he filed the $35,000 fee to appear on the Nov. 3 ballot in Oklahoma and Statement of Organization paperwork with the Federal Election Commission." It is believed that he would be running under a self-styled Birthday Party but the slogan is yet to be revealed.


If the rapper's hilarious first campaign rally in North Carolina is anything to go by, one wonders what sort of positions he would take on important issues that have ramifications on the lives of people at large. And one may be skeptical given the bizarre series of tweets he unleashed following his rally. Such was the tirade he launched that Kim Kardashian had to officially declare on Instagram that he has Bipolar Disorder.

Image: Kim Kardashian/Instagram
Image: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

She also wrote:

Image: Kim Kardashian
Image: Kim Kardashian

As he continues on the path of running for the Presidency, only time will tell what other chapters are yet to unfold.

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