Post Malone Reveals Details About His Upcoming New Album

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Post Malone Reveals Details About His Upcoming New Album

The singer revealed that the lockdown has made him more creative than ever.

Post Malone is making the most of the lockdown and according to the singer, the period has been quite productive as far as composing music is concerned. As reported by Rap-Up , the singer has been recording his new work at his Park City, Utah, mansion.

Speaking with WSJ Magazine , he said: "As crazy as the world is and as strong as everybody needs to be, being able to be in my house by myself and just vibe-out and see where my brain takes me–this has been a perfect time to make music, and to write songs about what’s going on currently."

According to the reports, he is working on uplifting music that could help people get inspired and cope with the pandemic in a much healthier manner. He said: "I’m working on an album now. There’s so much to say in these times that will give people hope and hopefully uplift people’s spirits. Because it’s a dark time in America. It’s a dark time in the world." Post Malone continued: "Honestly, for a songwriter to be in the house all day is a blessing and a curse. In the darkest of times I’m just trying to make something beautiful out of it."

Speaking with the magazine about his upcoming work, he said: "So I’ve gone a little bit crazy, and I wanted to take more steps outside of my comfort range and make music that I think–to me–is some of the best I’ve made." He added: "And I probably say that every album cycle, but for me it feels so special. I want to make an album that will uplift and show that people are not alone in their times of loneliness and worry and that at the end of the day we all just need to show love to everyone on the planet and figure things out. So we’re working pretty hard, and I think we’re making some incredible stuff."

The project is, as yet, untitled but the fans are hoping they would get to hear the tunes very soon.

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