Teen Mom Amber Portwood Quits Social Media Alleging Unbearable Negativity

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Teen Mom Amber Portwood Quits Social Media Alleging Unbearable Negativity

She took to Instagram to post her decision saying she won't allow the negativity to impact her life.

Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has had enough of the negativity on social media and has decided to quit those platforms for good. She posted an image that read "Welcome To Karma Cafe" and that "you will be served what you deserve." Leaving Instagram, she is going to be more active on 'Cameo' where her fans pay her for interactions and videos. She believes that this will ensure more 'positive interactions' and would be better for her mental and physical well being.


She wrote a lengthy caption with the image on Instagram explaining why she decided to quit the platform. She wrote: "Verified

For my health and mental stability that I have worked so hard to successfully change I will not be a part of this anymore. The negativity from social media is not acceptable in my life for the time being."


She continued: "I tried to come back and be nice but it's not worth the time atm. I love all my fan's and if you want to reach out to me I am on @cameo so I can have positive people only. Sending all my love to everyone and may karma not be too harsh because from experience it can be very intense. Only the strong can survive and sometimes some people aren't on the same wavelength. Try to be blessed"


It has been over a year since she was arrested for assaulting her ex, Andrew Glennon, but she says that she has been doing much better now and working harder to get her life back on track. She believes that it is, therefore, important for her overall health that she keeps negativity to a minimum in her life, and hence her decision to quit social media.

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