Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee Opens Up About Her Rumored Sex Tape, Says She Was Set Up

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Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee Opens Up About Her Rumored Sex Tape, Says She Was Set Up

She made the revelation at the The Domenick Nati Show.

In a conversation at The Domenick Nati Show , Teen Mom star Mackenzie McKee has opened up about the rumored sex tape that made news in 2015 for all the wrong reasons. According to CheatSheet , back in 2015, photos of the star in front of Vivid Entertainment made rounds adding fuel to talks of an existing sex tape. Five years later, she has spoken on the matter on the show.


She said: "There was a rumor on the internet that I had a sex tape and I completely 100% got set up with that." She added that she was “told it was going to make [her] Christianity look good." She had earlier said that "someone had stolen her phone and that’s how an R-rated video of her and her husband Josh got out. Vivid Entertainment wanted to pay Mackenzie for the video, but she said she wasn’t interested," according to the Cheatsheet report.


She told on the show that: "The producer I was working with said, ‘No, people know you as a Christian and now you’re gonna make millions and you’re going to be a famous spokesperson and motivational speaker for girls to not ever send boys, their boyfriends, nude photos or anything." She maintained that she had never made a sex tape, saying: "I wouldn’t dare. I don’t even send Josh nude photos. That’s not something I stand for. That’s not something I’d ever do."


Her husband Josh was affected by the incident and she said: "When that came out I think he literally just wanted to crawl into a dark hole and disappear forever. He was so embarrassed. That was his wife and that was out there. None of it was true. I was just like, ‘Oh Josh, shut up. Just get over it.’ And then years later he brought that up in counseling and was like, ‘This really hurt me."


Currently, however, the star is doing much better and would put the incident in her past where it belongs.


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