Teen Mom Star Bristol Palin Shares Picture With A Mystery Man And The Fans Have Questions

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Teen Mom Star Bristol Palin Shares Picture With A Mystery Man And The Fans Have Questions

The comments section of her Instagram was filled with wild speculations!

A recent image shared by Teen Mom star Bristol Palin has excited her fans and has raised quite a few questions regarding her association with this mysterious guy. The image showed Palin standing next to the man and beaming with joy as they stood together in the middle fo a river dressed in camouflage jackets. She captioned the post 'hometown' which was cryptic, to say the least, but some of her sharp fans feel that it could be a reference to The Bachelor and ‘hometown’ dates.


Bristol Palin, daughter of former Republican politician Sarah Palin, was reportedly single after she parted ways with ex-boyfriend Janson Moore. Earlier, her separation from ex-husband Dakota Meyer had played out during MTV’s Teen Mom, which had completely broken her heart.


The mother of three beautiful kids was bombarded with questions from curious fans who wanted to know more about the guy with whom she looked so comfortable. One comment even stated that he could be her brother, writing: "She does have a brother. So don’t automatically jump to conclusion." To this, another commentator added: "I think she’s referencing The Batchelor and the “hometown” dates so definitely not her older brother."


Clearly, whoever this mystery guy is, she would reveal in time and all that the fans can do now is wait and share their love with her.


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